Life areas: what are the most important life areas for you? (family, marriage/couple/intimate relationships, being a parent/child of…, friendships/social life, work, citizenship/community life/engaging with others, care and health, education/training/learning new skills, hobbies, spirituality). Draw two circles: one for your « ideal distribution » and one for your « current distribution ». Cut out each circle according to how important these areas of life should be (or are) ideally (circle 1) and in the reality of your everyday life (circle 2).

Commitment: how could you get closer to your « ideal distribution » circle? What are the choices you could make to move in this direction, the smallest actions you could take?

Incomfort: cevery change always brings some amount of discomfort. This is especially true for changes in areas that matter to us. What would you face as resistance or obstacles? How could you get around them, past them? Would you be willing to do this? Why should you?

The « 3 times 5 min » test: try to devote an extra 5 min each day to an area of life that is important to you. Maybe the first time it will be difficult because of how unusual it will feel (for you or for others), but see how consistent you feel with your values. Keep on trying at least3 times, and observe the impact on your mood and your degree of satisfaction with your life.