① Self-observation : when you are about to do an activity, ask yourself this question: am I trying to run away from or avoid something that is a source of « negative » emotions (fear, sadness, anger, shame)?

② A shared humanity : all human beings have moments of vulnerability and experience more or less pleasant emotions every day. What you feel on a daily basis is totally normal.

③ Change your outlook : you can’t change your emotions, but you can change the relationship you have with them. Accept them for what they are: messengers that inform you that something has touched you, that it is important to you. Make room for these emotions (of stress, fear…) and continue to engage in what matters to you rather than avoiding it (still go to the person you need to see to talk to them, do your presentation in front of others, get up in the morning, etc.). Try to visualise this task in your mind for 5 minutes to make it easier to take action!