You are much more than that:« labels » can help our minds better navigate our surroundings. But applied to ourselves, « labels » can restrict how we view ourselves – and it would be a pity to sum yourself up that way! You are much more than that! You are not only a parent or « the son/daughter of »…, your job/position, a person with such and such a physical or character flaw/quality/qualification (a mum, an engineer, an employee of such or such a sector, an anxious person, a blond, a fighter, etc.)

Influence : observe how these labels can influence your actions. Do you ever hesitate to do something, to « challenge » yourself because you have always been told that you are « an anxious person »?

Change what you do, not what you think about yourself: see if you can take one tiny step outside of what you’re used to doing and observe how your view of things isrenewed (change a route, a product you are used to consuming, allow yourself to invite someone for lunch, try a new activity, change the way you respond to an emotion, a remark, etc.). It is only by experimenting with new things, by creating new learning and experiences that your thoughts and internal beliefs will change!