There are some foods that are difficult to resist: these are the “pleasure foods”. They are not forbidden. They are managed and savoured.

Pleasure foods are often craved; this craving is not necessarily borne out of real hunger. As they are generally very high in calories, they increase the risk of becoming overweight or having diabetes and tooth decay.

That being said, how do you manage them and avoid frustration?

  • Remember that the craving only lasts 10 to 15 minutes. Some form of diversionary activity during this time will get you over it.
  • If you can’t resist, savour rather than devour:
    • Put yourself in the right conditions to eat.
    • Quality over quantity.
    • Choose a small portion and enjoy.
    • Get all your senses involved.
    • Critique and give your food a final score.

You could also cook your pleasure food yourself, incorporating it into dishes, to discover other sensations while decreasing the amount.