The body sends signals about the need for food: these are the food sensations.


  • Why: eIt arises from the physiological need to eat, the requirement for energy intake.
  • Expression: cstomach ache, rumbling stomach, feeling weak, irritability.


  • Why: Not feeling hungry anymore during a meal. The stomach is full, satiety hormones are released.
  • Expression: theoretically, desire to stop eating. If one continues, one feels heavy, sometimes with an upset stomach.
  • Notes: information from the satiety hormones does not arrive until 20-30 minutes after the first bite. Eating too quickly prevents you from feeling that signal.


  • Why: Between meals, the body has enough energy.
  • Expression: Nothing, we are just not hungry.
  • Notes: the onset and duration of the feeling of fullness is conditioned by the way we eat
    • the duration of the meal: at least 20-30 minutes to have time to release the satiety hormones,
    • its composition: slow carbohydrates release energy gradually and maintain the feeling of fullness longer than fast carbs.
    • its energy value: it must represent a sufficient intake, otherwise the feeling of fullness will disappear faster.


Listen to what your stomach is telling you. Start eating when you feel hungry, take time to eat, stop when you feel full. These are the keys to changing your behaviours.