Alcohol is the worst for people with stress, anxiety, or depression. It is important to avoid it.

Alcohol is not helping, it can:

  • have an intoxicating effect, disinhibit, make you euphoric,
  • lift fears and doubts,
  • give a sense of relief,
  • give the feeling of being relaxed.

But it works in a very transient way and beware of rebound!

Alcohol is an enemy:

  • It induces anxiety,
  • It causes mood disorders, irritability,
  • It can trigger panic attacks,
  • It causes sleep disorders,

Alcohol then leads to a vicious cycle of drinking to compensate, and becomes an addiction:

  • It can lead to behavioural disorders with loss of control which has social, family and professional consequences,
  • It deteriorates your health, stigmatises you, brings loss of confidence and self-esteem in the long term

Taking alcohol is not a necessary step. On the contrary, is necessary to avoid it. At the stage of dependence, it is imperative to seek counselling and support: only withdrawal can restore confidence and self-esteem.