Practicing positive thinking is about seeing the good in everything.

  • Learn to identify your negative thoughts

Try to identify every time you are negative, complaining, critical, afraid.

  • Try to replace every negative thought with a positive one

Once you have identified a negative thought, immediately look for what is positive about the situation. The negative thought is not necessarily bad in itself, but it should not be the only thing on your mind.

  • Block negative thoughts that come from your environment

News, movies, criticisms or complaints in your environment… our daily lives are overrun with negativity. Go on a diet! Don’t expose yourself. Don’t go looking for violence, bad news, problems, they will find you all by themselves. Focus on positive events.

  • Remember the positive things throughout the day
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They can be little things. A smile, somthing beautiful someone said, a moment… Look closely at what is happening around you. Take note of them.

  • Sleep positive

Remember three positive moments from your day at bedtime.

  • Feed on the positive

Quotes, beautiful books, poems, photographs, music… Always keep the positive within reach.

Thinking positive becomes easier if you rearrange your life by carving out periods just for yourself.