The higher the physical activity’s intensity, the more energy you expend. You will get the most benefit from your activity if you are able to perform activities of different intensities.

Here are different intensities and examples for a healthy subject:

Low intensity

  • Consequences: does not accelerate the pulse; does not interfere with breathing.
  • Activity types: Cooking – Washing dishes – Slow walking – Pétanque.

Moderate intensity

  • Consequences: moderate shortness of breath; does not limit conversation much.
  • Activity types: Walking at 5-6.5 km/h – Cycling at 15 km/h – Slow stair climbing – Slow swimming – Yoga – Water aerobics.

Intense intensity

  • Consequences: marked breathlessness; limits conversation.
  • Activity types: Fast walking, faster than 6.5km/h – Fast stair climbing – Running 8-9 km/h – Cycling 20 km/h – Fast swimming – Football.