Rest assured, your treatment is on your side; it helps you to improve or maintain your quality of life! You must therefore be diligent about it. Here are the basic rules.

  • Learn your treatment

You only master what you know well. You need to know each of your medications, why you are taking them, as well as when and how to take them.

  • Set up routines/habits

A medicine is only effective if it is taken regularly. You must repeat the same doses as prescribed every day. Link them to everyday actions (at the beginning of a meal, before brushing your teeth, etc.). Use pillboxes or reminder notes. Take enough medication and a copy of your prescription when travelling.

  • Beware of interactions/interferences
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They may increase or decrease the effects of your treatment. Tell your doctor about any associated medication, including self-prescription (over-the-counter), herbal products or vitamins you may be taking.

They may increase or decrease the effects of your treatment.

  • Manage any adverse effects
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Never stop or reduce your treatment on your own. Speak to healthcare professionals to best manage these problems.

  • Keep yourself and those around you safe
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Report to health professionals if you have allergies, are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

Always carry a copy of your prescription with you and give one to your spouse or significant other.

Store your treatments in a dry, cool, dark place, out of reach of children. Keep an eye on expiry dates and return unused treatments to your pharmacist.

Never share your medicines with others. Only use your medicines for the prescribed indication.