Here are a few examples of symptoms:

Physical symptoms

Palpitations – Tremors – Clammy hands – Tingling of the extremities or mouth – Dizziness – Feeling of tightness in the chest – Feeling of suffocation – Tight throat – \“Knot\” in the stomach – Muscle pain – Headache – Sleep disturbance – Stomach ache – Diarrhea – Constipation – Chills – “Hot/cold” flushes – Hyperventilation – Constant urge to urinate.

They may add up suddenly and intensely during an attack of spasmophilia: tingling – loss of feeling in the hands – paralysis of the fingers – palpitations – feeling dizzy and faint – choking sensation – twitching of the eyelids and facial muscles.

Emotional symptoms

Tiredness – Irritability – Difficulty concentrating – Feeling unable to control situations.

Mental symptoms

General feeling of worry – Fear and anxiety about most life events – Fear of losing control – Fear of going crazy – Fear of having a heart attack – Uncontrollable catastrophizing.

Behavioural symptoms

Isolation (social anxiety) – Tense Avoidance attitude – Agitation – Hyperactivity that feels like being in control of the future.