Postpartum depression is a disorder that:

  • occurs within the first 12 months after delivery, most commonly around the third week;
  • lasts from a few weeks to a few months or more;
  • manifests as anxiety, insomnia and depressive symptoms, providing suffering and impairing quality of life.

Warning! It is completely normal to feel sad, more exhausted and irritable in the first few days after giving birth. Most women experience what is called \“baby blues\”, a condition which presents symptoms like mood swings and temporary excess sadness. It is transient, lasts several days, but does not exceed two weeks, and disappears without intervention.

There may be predisposing factors for postpartum depression:

  • having already suffered from depression ;
  • having suffered from depression or anxiety during pregnancy;
  • having a family history of postpartum mood disorders or depression;
  • being subjected to stressful situations or events during pregnancy or after birth: difficult marital situation, lack of social support, abuse or violence, particularly difficult delivery, unrealistic expectations about the birth, etc.